Rainy Days and Myself


My name is Raen Andaleio, I'm 29 years old (by 2013), live in Germany and am a Technical Assistent of Informatics by trade.

Rainy Days

Rainy Days is the label I use to distribute my stuff. That is, will use, as currently there is nothing to distribute yet.

I am currently the only member of Rainy Days.

Previous experiences in making games

Revenant Wraith isn't the first game project I started.

The first one was called Antaros – The Shaper Legends. It was an RPG with an isometric perspective, comparable to Diablo (though less fighting, more roleplay and pixel art). To create it, I used Ambrosia Software's Coldstone Game Engine. It was a decent engine, they even created one of their actual games, Pillars of Garendall, using the engine. However, Coldstone was quite buggy – the application frequently crashed on MacOS X and the executables never worked on Windows XP – and it was discontinued long before the game was finished. Both Coldstone itself, as well as the executables no longer run on any modern system, so I had to give up on that project.

I then tried other game engines, but none really were what I was looking for. Too limited, too tedious, too expensive.

In 2012, I stumbled across the GameMaker by YoYo Games. That's a decent game engine. The price is quite fair, even for the highest version (though if you want to develop for smart phones, you have to pay for the modules extra). After I got it, I started developing Revenant Wraith.

One day, after it's finished, I might start recreating my first game as well.