This page contains artwork - mostly drawings and 3D models I created.
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3D Models - Escape Velocity Classic

Escape Velocity (later known as Escape Velocity Classic) is the first of the Escape Velocity trilogy by Ambrosia Software. Available only for Mac, it is basically a 360° topdown-shooter with relatively simple graphics and gameplay. The player flies around in a ship, lands on a planet which opens in a window with several options, such as buying upgrades and new ships or accepting simple cargo missions. One would then take off again, jump to the destination system and unload the cargo. The backstory is that there were two main fractions, the Confederation, centered on Earth, which basically tries to keep or regain control over the distant systems, and the Rebellion, which comprises the outer systems, striving for independence. There are a few independent systems that keep out of the war, a few civilian companies and pirates. And the mysterious aliens which only make an appearance once in one of the storylines. The greatest feature of the game is that it is completely customizable. One can not only mod the existing game, but create total conversions.
The ships you see here are recreations of the EVC-ships that were to be used for a total conversion of Escape Velocity Nova, the third installment of the trilogy. The idea was to bring the original EVC back, but using all the new features of EVN (larger, 16 bit graphics, scenes, animations, effects). I abandoned the project as with MacOS X, editing Escape Velocity versions became more difficult. One had to use a ressource editor to do so, but MacOS X isn't based on resources. With the end of MacOS Classic, the runtime environment for OS9 programs under OSX, there was no good way left to work on plugins.
These ships were created around mid to late 2008.

The Shuttlecraft was the player's starting ship. It had little cargo space, limited range and weak defenses. It came unarmed but could be outfitted with up to three laser cannons.

3D Models - Escape Velocity Override (en)

Override is the second installment of the Escape Velocity trilogy. Back when I first found it, I was rather surprised as I never saw any announcements of this game. Override based on the same engine as the original Escape Velocity, which was only slightly improved. There were a few more options, and a few of the maximum values had been increased.
In Override, the Humans had just survived a war against a hostile alien race, the Voinians. Voinian ships were slow and bulky, but their cannons were powerful and their armor was thick. They didn't have any noteworthy shields though. Voinians conquered other worlds which they wasted during their quest for ressources. A few decades of Voinian dominance turned a lush, fertile world into an arid and poisonous wasteland. The Humans managed to escape this fate, but they're still fighting the Voinians who haven't given up on trying to conquer Human space.
The galaxy is divided into several sections. The Humans reside near the South Tip, a place dominated by Human renegades. To the west are the Voinians. The east and north are still unexplored.
When venturing north, to a region called the Crescent, the player would encounter the Three Strands, an alien species separated into three fractions, which were at war with each other.
These ships also created for a Nova port and were designed around early 2008.

The shuttlecraft was the player's starting ship. It was nothing more than a cockpit with two engines attached. Its range and cargo capacity was very limited and it came with a single blaze cannon as its only defense against hostiles.

3D Models - Original Designs (en)

These ships were designed by myself. They were either inspired by ships from random origins or are completely original designs.

The Helian originally comes from my EVN-TC Dark Swarm. It was a mining ship used by the Tycho Brahe. The large guns at its sides are plasma cannons. They're not very effective in a fight, but can break apart less dense matter like rock with ease. Created June 2004
Helian Mining Ship